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Your journey to Office 365 maximum service quality

At GSX we are here to help. We know that the success of deploying a new tool in your organization is strongly relies on its ability to quickly provides the value you’re are looking for.

But this is not enough. The value provided by any tool, is maximal only if it is integrated in your IT ecosystem. You already have multiple tools, for example ticketing system and of course multiple teams (security, network, local IT, infrastructure, Voice, etc.).

By monitoring the service quality of Office 365 for your remote sites, GS Gizmo provides value to:

? Office 365 Program Manager & C Level, by securing Office 365 project costs, justifying the service quality and ensuring ROI on any network spending

? The Office 365 admin team, by ensuring service quality, preventing critical situation and providing the data they need to improve support level 2 & 3 and discussing with Microsoft if needed.

? The Service desk, network team and local IT, by reducing the time to discover incident & the time to repair, by providing data to deal with the issues and improve performance

? Your Business lines, by enabling better quality of service & better adoption of Office 365 services.

GSX Solution will help you integrating GSX Gizmo to all the teams involved in order to maximize its value for your entire company.

Your GSX Support, anywhere you are

Sometimes things go south. GSX support is here to get you back on track. Our emergency support is available 24/7.

With 6 support Offices (2 in the USA, 2 inn Europe and one in India) and 4 Customer Success teams (USA, Europe, India and Singapore), you always have access to someone that can help you.

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Important resources to start your journey


? GSX is constantly publishing new content to help you understand the overall topic of Office 365 service performance and quality.

? As an introduction, our white paper “5 times you should be monitoring the Office 365 user experience” exposes why it is critical to monitor the end-user experience.

? Following this introduction, our blog’s suite “Office 365 connectivity principles” is a must read to make sure you are on the best way to achieve Office 365 optimum performance.

? If you are in a hybrid environment, please read “how GSX measures the end-user experience in Office 365 hybrid deployment”.

? We also have dedicated resources for Teams optimal Voice quality in our blog’s suite dedicated to this topic.


Finally, our webinars are short and important to watch to fully understand how the product works and the value you can get out of it.

? Testing your route to the cloud

? Preventing Office 365 operational & financial risks

? SharePoint & OneDrive monitoring best practices

We will constantly add new topics in this section. If you have any comments or ideas for specific topic, just reach your Customer Success engineer!

Office 365 optimal performance requires GSX Gizmo to monitor the service quality and all the teams involved to improve it and fix issues when they happened.

That is why GSX Solutions will work with you on a successful integration plan.

With your GSX success Engineer, you will be able to fully take control of your Office 365 service level quality by integrating our GSX Gizmo and its data in all your processes and tools.

GSX Solution commits to regular communication with each of your team, regular online meetings with every stakeholder and clear milestones that we will reach with you.

It is now time to start our journey to reach your maximum Office 365 service quality

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