Office 365 customers need your help

Regardless of a customer’s size, deploying and managing Office 365 requires expertise that most customer do not have internally.

Whether they want to deploy a new workload, ensure end-user satisfaction or improve their infrastructure & network to deliver better service, they need your help to ensure the success.

GSX Solutions provides you with the best tools in the market as well as our Office 365 end-user experience expertise to enable you to assist your customers while securing your recurring revenue.

Office 365 customers are facing many challenges and obstacles regarding end-user adoption.
GSX helps you fight these misperceptions:

  • Several studies have shown that only 16% of the users open tickets with IT when an application is slow. The end-user does not complain to IT but to his/her management
  • IT is blind until business lines are impacted and unhappy with Office 365.
  • We have worked with approximately 400 large enterprises deploying Office 365. What we have seen is that 90%+ of the time, the root cause of performance and service delivery issues is found between the end-user and the Microsoft datacenter. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the customer’s IT.
  • Network assessments are important, but they do not tell how the true end-user experience is affected by the onboarding of new users.
  • Patterns matter. You can’t assess if the service quality is acceptable by measuring one point in time; it must be repeated. Some things can’t be seen on the network when you do a one-time assessment. For example, if some equipment can’t handle an application load (like a proxy). The application layer is key!
  • That is why customers must monitor the Teams service quality delivered to end-users during the entire migration and after!
  • Well it works… But does it work well? Do you know that if it takes longer than 5 seconds to perform an action, a user generally perceives the application as down?
  • It is difficult for a customer to understand how critical these recommendations can be because they have nothing to measure the impact of their choices.
  • How does a proxy affect the end-user experience? What about VPN? Can I use any egress point I want? Without facts, your customers are relying on assumptions

Grow your business with us

We are facing increasing demands of organizations in need of managed services to ensure the end-user satisfaction of Office 365 services delivered to multiple sites.

We are looking for partners to help customers ensure Office 365 end-to end service quality, preventing end-user issues and improving their route to the cloud configuration.

A few services delivered by our partners

Our partners manage GSX Gizmo for their customers and provide recurring reports with recommendation to help IT deploy new workloads, prevent & manage unexpected performance issues and improve the end-user satisfaction & adoption.

Thanks to GSX Gizmo, our partners measure the Office 365 quality of service for a site before the migration. They test the route to the cloud to maximize the end-user satisfaction. During migration they check, in real-time, if adding new users to a site is degrading the performance of the service to prevent unexpected delays and additional costs.

Customers want to improve their route to the cloud configuration in order to meet Microsoft recommendations to maximize the end-user experience. GSX Gizmo is the only solution that allows our partners to test how each step to the cloud (infrastructure, network, ISP, DNS, etc.) is affecting the end-user experience of their customers. With GSX, they provide real facts to their customers to help them decide what is best for their cloud strategy.

Many Office 365 customers want to upgrade their network to improve the end-user experience but none of them can really measure the ROI of their investment if they don’t have before and after performance data. Our partners use GSX Gizmo to provide the critical statistics they need to decide on their investment.

Thanks to GSX 365 Usage Reports, our partners can automatically get and provide reports with actionable insights to optimize the use of Office 365 licenses. They can also deliver our solution through a managed service offering, allowing their customer to access usage comprehensive reports for all their workloads.

With GSX 365 Security Audit, partners can monitor any abnormal activities, administration actions, failed, events, sharing access and much more, happening on the tenant of their customers They ensure compliance and prevent data leaks. They can also provide this service as a recurring managed service.

We know that each partner has different business models, different size of customers and different strategies. As long as you are committed to deliver more value to your Office 365 customers, feel free to contact us as we are used to accommodating your needs.

GSX Solutions is the expert in Office 365 end-user experience and we want to work with you to improve the Office 365 service quality for everybody.

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