Office 365 is a complex SaaS platform that is mostly used through fat client applications like Outlook and Teams.
If you want to be able to measure the quality of the service you provide to your site, you need to use what your users are using.

The GSX team is comprised of Office 365 experts who are dedicated to helping you deliver the best possible
Office 365 experience to your users.

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GSX Gizmo for Office 365 is the only tool to provide

Unlike most of the traditional Application Performance Monitoring tools that only work for web browser applications, GSX Robot Users are really using the Outlook and Teams rich client in the exact same way as your users.

Now you know, in real time, if they are able to start a Microsoft Teams voice call with good quality, send an email, create a meeting, download a file from OneDrive and much more.
This is the only way to assess the quality of service you are really providing to your business lines, everywhere in the world.

Working with GSX provides you access to our Office 365 technical experts that have worked on hundreds of large and complex deployments and helped our customers to improve the overall end-user satisfaction by optimizing their route to the cloud.

To deliver maximum value to our customers, we work closely with Microsoft. As Gold Cloud Productivity Partner and working directly with the Microsoft FastTrack Center, we deliver more than just our software to you.

Your current Office 365 Health dashboards show you the status of the service at the Microsoft datacenter. But how do you visualize the service you are providing to your sites and business lines?

Our end-to-end service delivery dashboards are unique and designed by Office 365 experts to address the challenges you will face managing the service quality of Microsoft Cloud.
And you won’t find them anywhere else.

Enterprises deployment of Office 365 often involves a hybrid architecture, whether it includes Microsoft Exchange servers (used for Transport or Edge), ADFS, Azure AD Connect, or any infrastructure component used for the route to the cloud.

GSX is the only solution that measures the end-user experience both on-premises and in the cloud, checking the interconnectivity of the hybrid infrastructure and the health of the on-premise servers.
With GSX, you have a 360 view of the entire hybrid environment delivering Office 365 services to your business lines.

You certainly know what it means to be buried under alerts. That is the downfall of most monitoring solutions. How do you recognize what matters from what doesn’t?

GSX Gizmo alerts are triggered only when a Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams problem really impacts the end-user at the monitored sites. It analyses the recent activities and determine whether it’s worth it to investigate the issue.
Therefore, you will only spend time on things that really matter for your Office 365 quality of service.

Working hand in hand
with your existing monitoring tools

Network monitoring

GSX allows you to use your network monitoring tool at maximum efficiency by pointing exactly where and when issues are happening with Office 365. You can now run a precise network assessment to understand bottlenecks and road blockers to your cloud services.

Generic APM

While we are specialists in synthetic transactions using Office 365 rich client, generic APM excels in web performance analysis. Combining our true user experience with their traffic analysis enables a 360 view of the entire Office 365 environment.

Real User Monitoring

RUM tools provide detailed information about each of your user’s devices and are great to troubleshoot any local issue impacting the ability to work with that particular device. Combined with the GSX proactive approach of Office 365 service quality monitoring that monitors the service 24/7, you can now prevent and troubleshoot any end-user experience issues.

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