Even if SharePoint and OneDrive have different purpose for users, their backends are continuously merging. And the document management system is a good example of this.

The ability of every user in the enterprise to use an online document (upload, modify, download) from OneDrive, SharePoint or even Microsoft Teams is based on your IT department’s ability to provide seamless service.

But this service includes a lot of moving parts—your route to the cloud, your ISP, your network and your infrastructure. Finally, of course Microsoft service itself plays a role in the service for which you are responsible.

To add to this complexity, new features of a specific workload like Microsoft Teams can have an impact on the overall performance of another workload like OneDrive, adding stress to your network.


Ensuring Office 365 maximum productivity

To ensure end-user satisfaction there is no miracle. You need to continuously provide MS SharePoint monitoring and OneDrive monitoring of the quality of service that is delivered to your sites and business lines.

That is where Digital Experience Monitoring is key.

Thanks to the GSX Robot Users, which you can deploy everywhere, you can test your MS SharePoint performance and OneDrive performance with synthetic transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Robots use the Office 365 document management system that is the heart of OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. They use it exactly the way a user does. They log in to the service, they upload and download a selected file.

Reducing your mean time to repair

Without 24-hour MS SharePoint and OneDrive monitoring, you are flying blind with Office 365. You can only rely on your users to tell you if they think something is wrong. You do not have any metric to understand an issue, or even to know whether there is an issue or not.

With GSX Gizmo for Office 365, you will now have all the information you need in real time to:

  • Know exactly when the issue arose
  • Know the severity of the issue
  • Know if the issue originates from a Microsoft service or from your own environment
  • Know which site(s) it affects and who is impacted
  • Know whether it is a recurring issue or not
  • Know your network conditions at the moment an issue arises
  • Gain insights into the root cause by testing your route to the cloud
  • Know if the changes you are applying to fix an issue or to improve the user experience are having a significant impact

You can use facts instead of feelings to drastically reduce your mean time to repair.

SharePoint performance

Preventing MS SharePoint and OneDrive performance problems

GSX helps you to design the best possible route to the cloud so that you can optimize the quality of experience for your users.

GSX Robots have the ability to test every part of your route to the cloud to detect any bottlenecks and check which network devices (such as proxies) or configurations (such as DNS) really affect the quality of the service you deliver to your business lines.

Everything comes with specifically designed Power BI. This is targeted to clearly compare test results, highlight issues and enable you to make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

Measuring the ROI of your network upgrade

Sometime the only choice is to invest in a network upgrade to improve SharePoint and OneDrive performance for a better user experience. Your IT department can invest in an Office 365 dedicated proxy, deploy an SD Wan, or upgrade your bandwidth or any network device you have.

But how do you measure the return on investment on these projects? You need to measure the end-user experience before and after the costly changes. Only then can you compare the results.

GSX Robot users have been designed to show you in real time and with historical data the results of your change. This enables you to set clear goals for your future investment in your network. Then you can measure how well you met them.

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