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Over the last year, the GSX team has been working with Microsoft experts to ensure the success of dozens of Enterprises Office 365 projects. We have integrated this expertise into and are happy to launch the new GSX Gizmo, Boston edition.

What’s new?

Multiple teams are working toward Office 365 service delivery. Our experts have designed specific real time and historical dashboards to provide the right information at the right moment to everyone involved.

You can now decrease drastically the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) of any performance issue experienced by your business lines as well as instantly see end-to-end SLA achievement at the company, workload and site level.

Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive are the main Office 365 workloads. However, your company is likely to also use Planner, Sway, Excel Online, PowerBI, Stream as well as other Office 365 features.

GSX Gizmo Boston edition provides you with full visibility on the availability of these services. Should any Microsoft issue prevent your business lines to do their work, you will be alerted.

Enterprise size companies often use a proxy to connect to Office 365, even if it is against Microsoft recommendations. However, can you quantify how they impact the end-user experience for your business lines?

With the new GSX Gizmo, you can easily assess how your proxy affects the service quality. Your decisions will now be based on true facts, making it easier to take actions, site by site and ensure user satisfaction.

Being harassed by the alerts of your monitoring tool never helped you ensuring better service quality.

Our new alerting system calculates how a specific issue affects the end-user experience and only alerts you if a significant real degradation has been detected at your sites.

Moreover, our alerts can directly integrate via webhooks to your Service Now environment.

For you, it is the way to only focus on what matters, to ensure the satisfaction of your business lines.

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