Working in the New Normal

Optimizing Teams Performance in a Post Pandemic World

By Nick Cavalancia, Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Teams has become the lifeblood of many organizations attempting to work through the pandemic.

With nearly two-thirds of employees working remotely today wanting to remain so post-pandemic, organizations are going to be faced with supporting a hybrid workforce riddled with device, security and connectivity complexities that will impact the user’s ability to productively use Teams.

Without an ability to rely on Teams for digital calls, meetings, collaboration, and sharing of data, organizations reliant upon Teams will find themselves negatively impacted.

So, what can you do to optimize your hybrid workforce’s interaction with Microsoft Teams?

Read the educational whitepaper, Working in the New Normal: Optimizing Teams in a Post-Pandemic World and learn about four ways you can optimize Teams to ensure not just a great user experience, but workforce productivity in Teams.

White Paper