Whitepaper: The Business Value of GSX Solutions for Messaging and Collaboration


It's not just the messaging system that has to work but the entire messaging and collaboration environments.

Messaging and collaboration are mission-critical to today's organization-It’s through these systems that people communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work in light of the organization’s mission. If these systems aren’t working for the user, often the user can’t work either! In other words, maintaining the heartbeat of the organization is intricately tied with maintaining the messaging and collaboration environment.

With the current economic challenges around the world, coupled with the never-ending drive for optimizing investment in IT, GSX’s suite of solutions for messaging and collaboration delivers significant value. In this white paper, we look at the challenges faced by CIOs and IT Managers in running an effective and efficient messaging and collaboration environment. Through the lens of seven key areas, we examine how the user-centered availability monitoring, performance reporting, and automation management solutions from GSX Solutions delivers business value, such as:

  • Increased control over the whole messaging and collaboration environment;
  • A reduced cost footprint through proactive alerting and process efficiency; and
  • The resolution of issues before the business even knows there is a problem.