GSX Webinar: Quick tour of GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.3 for Microsoft Exchange

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Register now for a quick tour of the latest release of GSX' solutions for Exchange

GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides full service tracking for Exchange, checking availability, performance and usage of your exchange roles from a real time overview console. The solution provides advanced alerts that pinpoint the source of emerging issues for corrective actions before they impact the business line.

Register for this free webinar to learn more about the cutting-edge features presented in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.3:

  • Advanced server management via full service tracking
  • Advanced role management that pinpoints levels of service delivery on multiple servers
  • Performance tracking for VIP users by monitoring specific mailboxes in various databases
  • Enhanced environment health view makes it easy to see which roles are underperforming, which servers have recurring issues, and which servers are getting the heaviest use so that you can balance loads accordingly.

By continually interacting with your system as a user with mail routing scenarios and other tests, GSX Solutions automatically identifies emerging issues and alerts you to take corrective action reducing user complaints drastically.

Jean Francois Piot, VP Product Management, GSX Solutions

December 18th, 2012
11 am, Eastern US Time zone
5 pm, Central Europe time zone

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