You’ve made the move to Office 365...
Now how are you going to manage it?

For Administrators, user management in hybrid environments is a complex undertaking. The Microsoft Office 365 administration portal is not built to handle large volumes of users and licenses. Also, creating endless amounts of PowerShell scripts is not scalable and puts an ongoing burden onto your senior IT staff. 

Questions that need to be answered:
   ► How do I easily organize and manage Office 365 for multiple lines of business spread across
       the world?
   ► How do I easily manage multiple Office 365 tenants?
   ► How do I concurrently manage my Office 365 users when they’re still in on-premises Active

   ► How do I avoid having my senior IT admins write lots of PowerShell scripts to automate
       Office 365 administration?

   ► How do I easily delegate Office 365 administration to my IT admins around the world and
       control their access rights?

   ► How can I offload daily administration to my Help Desk staff to free up my senior IT staff?
   ► How do I track, monitor and report on all Office 365 activity done by my IT staff?

Watch this 30-minute webinar to see how GSX will help you ease the burden to make your users happy and maintain a smooth environment for collaboration.

GSX 365 Enterprise Management is a simple plug-and-play SaaS product that allows you to heavily automate all Office 365 license and user administration, control IT administrator access rights, track and report on all Office 365 user and IT administrator activity – all done through a single pane of glass administration portal.


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