GSX Webinar: How to enhance your SharePoint Performance?

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Register now to see how latest release of GSX' solutions tracks and enhances SharePoint Performance for your users, while keeping a lid on costs.

Your SharePoint environment is like a human being. It is created, evolved, sometimes it gets sick as well. After a while, optimization of the environment is becoming critical in terms of cost, administration and also in term of end-user performance.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the only solution on the market place that checks your SharePoint environment health from the user perspective, processing end-user scenarios and sending you relevant alerts to fix emerging performance issue before anyone even notices.

Why attend this webinar?

In this webinar you will see how our monitoring and reporting solution GSX Monitor and Analyzer provides administrators with relevant alerts and real time overview of the services that their infrastructure is truly delivering to the business lines. We will show you how our solution tracks the availability, the usage and the performance of your SharePoint so that you proactively detect emerging issue before they have a noticeable impact on the business.

Scheduled Dates:

December 4th, 2012
11 am, Eastern US Time zone

December 11th, 2012
1 pm, Central Europe time zone

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