What do you do when users outside of the main office complain about slow applications?
Is it the application or the network that’s slowing them down?

Slow is the New Down 

Among Office 365 services, SharePoint Online and OneDrive are often the ones that cause the most headaches for the users and the IT teams. 

Unlike Exchange, that mostly works in background from an end-user perspective (users do not track in real time the delivery of their email), SharePoint and OneDrive provide real-time synchronous services. 

Because users sit in front of their screen waiting for their documents to load, they feel the pain in real time when performance issues arise.

Key Takeaways 

This podcast will provide you with real use cases & best practices for managing SharePoint and OneDrive performance, and gain insight into the network dependencies impacting user experience.

You will learn:

  • how network configuration can have a dramatic impact on the service you provide;
  • how you can easily track the SharePoint Online & OneDrive true end-user experience in real time;
  • how to identify performance issues before your users notice them;
  • how to report on quality of service delivered to your business lines.

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