The new Outlook on the web will soon become the default interface. This technical deep dive will explore its impact on performance and user experience.

The new OWA client, now called "Outlook on the web”, is currently available for test for users in Targeted Release. Microsoft describes this new interface as
simpler and more powerful, but most of all, it is designed to be fast.

Is the new Outlook on the web really faster? 
What should you be aware of before your organisation switches?

GSX experts have been testing the new Outlook on the web to provide you with precise performance metrics. They checked its resilience in a stressful environment, and will compare it against the former OWA and Outlook desktop. 

How will this new web interface survive the torture tests - GSX Style? 

Join us to explore the performance of the new Outlook on the web
before it becomes the default interface. Sign-up now!

Webinar Details

Date: March 19, 2019                           Time: 11 AM US/Canada Eastern time zone
Duration: 30 minutes                                      4 PM Central Europe time zone    

About the Speakers

Gary Steere
Chief Operating Officer @ GSX

Garth Fisher

Client Satisfaction Manager @ GSX

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