The market for MSPs and CSPs is getting bigger, every day. However, keeping cloud customers or winning new ones is harder than ever. GSX can provide you with an unbeatable differentiator - the only solution to manage your end-to-end Office 365 service delivery.

 Why full service tracking is critical?

You can't rely on user’s ti
ckets to know if there is a service delivery issue or not. They usually don’t open tickets when they are not happy. They complain to their management and then the problem comes to you when it is already too late.

   ► Without data you can't know if there was an issue, how bad it was, and what to do with it. Therefore, a lot of MSPs are just opening tickets with Microsoft. But each ticket has a cost. In the end, without any relevant data, even Microsoft is helpless is most cases.

GSX Solutions measures the end-to-end service performance that is truly delivered to your customers, in real-time. The GSX Robot Users behave exactly as a user would, using Office 365 continuously from multiple locations. They collect availability and performance data, so you have visibility on the quality of the service that is experienced.

With GSX, you finally have all the data you need to understand performance issues, enable fast troubleshooting, and discuss with Microsoft only when you need to.

In this podcast we show you how easy it is to deploy Robot Users at your customer locations, and propose new end-to-end service level dashboards.

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