Webinar: Quick tour of GSX Usage Metrics

With GSX Usage Metrics you can get usage statistics in order to create custom groups of users and track mail consumption

GSX Usage Metrics collects statistics at the user, group and organizational levels. Together with GSX Analyzer, optimize infrastructure and costs in seconds. Thanks to mailbox usage reports, inactive user reports, orphan mailbox reports, comparison of server loads along with capacity you manage service quality and usage of your messaging environment .

Attend this free 45-minute webinar to see all new features of GSX Usage Metrics for your messaging environment:

  • Usage statistics based on any NAB filter in order to create custom groups of users and track mail consumption;
  • Usage statistics at the user level;
  • Number and size of message sent, received;
  • Check Inactive users;
  • Ability to clearly define the scope of users monitored thanks to the tagging capabilities;
  • Ability to gives custom access to the reporting platform in order to provide self-service reports.

Featured Speaker:
Jean Francois Piot, VP Product Management, GSX Solutions

Shedule Date:
Thursday, February 21st, 2013
11 am, Eastern US Time zone
5 pm, Central Europe time zone

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