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Organizations have invested heavily in employee engagement and collaboration initiatives to drive performance. But is it working?

Oftentimes, Community Managers don’t have the insights they need to manage their Yammer and SharePoint communities. Working without targeting or measuring your success is like flying an airplane without a cockpit. It could work, but it’s risky and inefficient.


At GSX, we help your entire organization measure engagement and collaborative performance.

Community Managers, you should not depend on anecdotal assessments to determine the success of your Yammer and SharePoint. 

This session includes a few slides, but is mostly a demonstration. During the session, you will:

Learn what challenges are involved with Social Analytics
Discover how companies can take advantage of the GSX product to get a complete view of
    what’s happening in their Enterprise Social Network
See a live demonstration of the GSX 365 Insights for Yammer and SharePoint
Hear real-world examples and use cases

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