Deep Dive into AirWatch Performance Monitoring and its effect on the End-User Experience

Using email on mobile devices requires a complex chain of command that involves network components, email delivery systems, and an EMM application such as AirWatch.

When users complain that the service isn’t running properly, only end to end visibility can provide actionable insights on what is going on.

The new GSX for AirWatch solution provides a single dashboard to track and troubleshoot mobile service delivery, including AirWatch servers and databases, Office 365 services, as well as the true end user experience delivered to any mobile user.

During this 30-minute podcast, you will learn how to save hours of troubleshooting, ticket management and reporting. Come see how to save valuable time with mobile service delivery management.

About the Speaker


Olivier Raynaut is GSX Technical Sales Manager and expert in Service delivery management for Mobile and Collaboration at GSX. He has in depth PowerShell experience and a strong knowledge of Microsoft platforms including Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business.



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