About GSX Solutions

With over 20 years of experience at developing solutions for email administrators and IT managers, GSX has become the leading provider of monitoring and management solutions for messaging and collaboration applications.

Headquartered in Switzerland, with R&D in Nice, France, and offices in the US, Singapore and UK, GSX provides solutions and an unparalleled level of technical support to all of its clients, from a local German manufacturer to a global financial institution with over 300,000 employees around the world. And, because we believe that a product is only as good as the technical support for it, GSX Solutions makes sure that our customers not only deploy but also maximize their investment in our monitoring solutions.

GSX products began because we all had first hand systems administration experience and suffered from a lack of proactive monitoring tools. Enhancing and expanding the tools we built to solve that problem, we created solutions with your IT communications administration in mind:

  • As administrators, we had to wait for a maintenance window on servers to simply install some code. This is not the case with GSX Monitor which has no resident code. The entire solution can be rolled out in one hour and will not consume important server processing capacity which has to be reserved for end-user applications.
  • We understand that you are not working on one single platform but a multitude of them. This is why we have ensured that all of your servers and critical components could be monitored from one single interface (check out all platforms supported). Once your team has control over one environment, extending it to another one is simple and natural.
  • Software quality and customer satisfaction are essential. We take great pride in our extensive and rigorous testing before a product release – and we take equal pride in our customers response.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we provide an unparalleled level of technical support and continue to enhance our professional services arm, allowing us to help our clients deploy and maximize their investment even further.