Health Checks

Health Checks for Messaging and Collaboration platforms are truly valuable services for a client. These checks often offer multiple services to optimize the platform, merge one environment with another, etc.

Most of the Health Checks are done before starting important projects, such as migrations or a consolidation project for the customer's site.

Health Checks are designed to detect the root cause of any downtime, prevent end-user impacts as well as any potential problems before they are able to occur.

The Health Checks will produce reports to show that everything is fine on the customer's site. In this case, it might just detect some potential problems, such as latency for some users or certain functionalities on Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry or IBM products suite.

Benefits of Health Checks:

  • Ability to compare the performance of the environment
  • Identify performance issues and remove bottlenecks
  • Understand issues prior to large scale migrations or upgrades

GSX Monitor & Analyzer: The Health Check Tool

To conduct health checks automatically, all you need to do is deploy GSX Monitor & Analyzer at the customer's site or remotely from your site.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is an availability, performance and usage diagnostic tool that automatically discovers the environment of your customer, launches performance tests, collects performance results, reports and analyzes easily to make recommendations to your final user.

Discover your Environment and Performance Issues in Just a Few Minutes

With GSX Monitor & Analyzer, you can install the tool on a fresh VM or workstation to quickly have access to the first server and launch an auto-discovery of the environment.

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In only a few minutes, the environment will be completely drawn out. It will then start to act as a user by performing user-like interactions within the environment:

  • Send emails, connect to mailboxes in various ways, perform Exchange auto-discovery actions, MAPI connectivity, etc. 
  • Use SharePoint Web services, upload and download documents, create blog posts, meetings, sites, access sites, etc. 
  • Use BlackBerry services, send and receive mail, synchronize calendars and mailboxes, detect any problems on VIP users, etc. for BlackBerry
  • Open a session on the Domino server, perform mail routing, create replications, test agents, synchronize Traveler, create Sametime meetings, etc.

Performing an Automatic Assessment

Not only does GSX conduct user performance tests on the environment, we also collect statistics at the system and usage levels to easily correlate any decreases in performance with increases of user’s connections, as an example.

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The tool collects information on Databases, Mailboxes, sizes, quotas, SharePoint site sizes, documents, mail flows on every environment, usage of BlackBerry, etc.

GSX is a complete Health checking assessment tool that allows you to gather information from different sources on multiple environments all at the same time. This enables you to make valuable recommendations and detect which services could greatly enhance the customer's experience.

Reporting in just a Few Minutes

GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides you with a web UI that gathers and consolidates all the performance and usage statistics in your collaborative environments. After just a few minutes, you can set up automatic reports on performance and availability. You will then be provided with comprehensive charts, trends and even forecasting capabilities for your customers.

sp trend report

These reports can be an added on as an additional service (sold by type of reports or providing direct access to the reporting tool with scheduled, automatic reports).

The reporting tool reports on multiple workstations, comparing the performance from multiple sites when your customers need multiple sites to have Health Checks. 

Environment Health View

GSX Analyzer has an exclusive feature called Environmental Health that allows you to map out the entire environment based on the statistics you want.

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You will be able to detect bottlenecks based on:

  • Availability: for example, by Exchange or SharePoint role
  • Performance: see which protocols are performing well, used the most, know which mail routing meets and doesn't meet the SLA's, etc.
  • Usage: know which server sends or receives the largest number of emails, see if the server has the maximum number of connections over a set amount of time, find out which Web Front-end is overloaded, know if the Domino server has a long replication process, etc.
  • System: See which server consumes the most, RAM, CPU, know which disks are often full despite regular compacting processes

GSX Monitor & Analyzer performs automatic Health Checks and enables you to have reports on multiple aspects of the infrastructure. For example, the availability of these elements: performance, usage and the overall system.

The recommendations you can provide, with help from our tool, will definitely improve the level of service delivered by the application and help prepare for large projects.

Check out GSX Solution's Partner Program to see how we can help you define and provide this range of services with our tools.