Remote Assistance and Support

GSX Partners can generate continuous revenue from their customers by delivering a secure, constant and optimized monitoring and reporting solution to manage Messaging and Collaboration environments.

Main Benefits:

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Remote Monitoring and Assistance: Offer your customers an agentless, performance testing engine that acts as a user by collecting performance test results as well as critical system information via PowerShell and WMI. Read More 

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On-Demand Support Services and Troubleshooting: Most companies using Exchange or SharePoint do not have the internal skills necessary to know what must be done when a problem occurs. In many cases, their only choice is to call an expert. These companies may not require the need for 24/7 support, remote monitoring and maintenance services...But they need “on-demand” support services to be protected when a problem occurs or when a major problem could impact their Exchange or SharePoint infrastructures.
This “on-demand” service allows you to be constantly in contact with your customers and assist them when necessary, at a very small cost. By doing this, you can become the main Partner dealing with messaging and collaboration projects. Read More 


Health Checks: Health Checks on Messaging and Collaboration platforms are truly valuable services for a client. These checks often offer multiple services to optimize the platform, merge one environment with another, etc.
Most of the Health Checks are done before any important project. This can include migrations, IT mergers after a new acquisition or prior to a consolidation project on the customer's site.
Health Checks are designed to detect the root cause of any downtime, prevent end user impacts as well as potential problems before they can occur. Read More