Stress Test Validation

The stress test is very important. Your customer must be sure the Exchange architecture is able to support the load correctly and need to know the limit and adjust the monitoring thresholds. To do this they will use stress test tools or script.

However it is complex to track results of this stress test and analyze correctly the reactions of the architecture during those phases.

This service can be proposed to any company that just migrate or transform its IT and can lead to a lot of other services based on recommendations (mostly if the stress test failed or if any other performance problems appear).

GSX's Specific approach

GSX Monitor & Analyzer with its agentless and autodiscovery approach enable you to validate any stress test without impacting the server.

With GSX you can help your customer to identity the point of failures when the platform is heavily loaded. You can provide a full audit and report of the stress test very easily.

GSX will not create the load on the server but will act as user, collecting performance and availability statistics to see:

  • What is the load during the stress test (mail flow, number of connection, users, etc.)
  • How is it handled by the servers
  • What are the performance from a server and user perspective during the stress test
  • How each of the server take the load and how it is spread among the infrastructure

GSX can track some very relevant counter to validate the stress date and give a real added value those stress test phases:

  • Response time of server
  • Response time of protocol
  • Response time of service (mail routing)
  • Load balancing of the charge between CAS
  • Growth of the Database
  • Growth of memory used by servers

Statistics are available in real time and also in a consolidated view per Day, Week, Month and enable you to see how each part of the infrastructure (server roles, disks, system, and network) is reacting.

As an independent tool, GSX Monitor & Analyzer validates the stress test.


GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the perfect tool to validate a stress test independently.

With GSX, you will collect statistics about availability and performance of the environment during the test and simulate what a user would do during this test (sending mail, connection to the mailbox, synchronization of mobile device, etc.).