Messaging System Co-Existence

Most of the time, migrating environments means co-existence. IBM and Microsoft provide tools to reduce impact of this coexistence, however this is not enough.

Usually, monitoring is spread between two different tools. This split results in a lack of efficiency and makes impossible to cross and compare performance metrics from the two platforms.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the leading tool on the IBM Domino and Notes market.

It is the only solution that enables you to have the same level of monitoring for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and IBM Domino and Notes.

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GSX’s Specific Approach

GSX Monitor & Analyzer enables the administrator to monitor, test, report, diagnose problems and conduct capacity planning on all environments…All at the same time!

You can have all of this on the same dashboard:

  • Performance of the system and network
  • Performance of specific Domino, Sametime, Traveler, Quickr components
  • Mail routing for Exchange and Domino
  • Replication for Exchange and Domino
  • Mailbox reports for both environments
  • Mail queues, information on mail flows, traffic and usage for both environments
  • Reporting and forecasting on both environments with the same amount of features

GSX tests both environments as a user would, performing end to end tests and crossing figures and charts. This allows you to remotely manage, support and maintain all kinds of services (health checks, optimization, etc.) on both environments without any code to install on the servers.


When multiple messaging environments have to coexist, monitoring is often spread between two different tools: one for IBM Notes and one for Microsoft Exchange. This split results in a lack of efficiency in terms of results, making it impossible to cross results between two platforms.

GSX has been the leader in monitoring IBM Notes for over 15 years and has strong expertise in Microsoft Technologies.

Our knowledge on both environments resulted in the creation of GSX Monitor and Analyzer: the only solution on the market capable of generating reports on both environments, merging stats and crossing them.

We can help your customer see the progression on a migration and track the shift of the loads from the old server and the new one. With this information, you can adjust the timing of the migration and be sure to finish on-time.