Consolidation and Merging

These projects are always special. The goal is to centralize data and save on costs for IT departments. Are you merging a platform? Is the target platform able to support the load of source(s) servers? Consolidating different organizations onto one server? Want to know the needs of the source organizations?

Deploying a new architecture for a new release of Exchange is a complicated task. A company must first choose to migrate, set up the platform correctly, train themselves on the new platform, train users, migrate the mailboxes, public folders and stress test the platform.

This is a lot of work!

GSX can help you answer those questions. Our tool discovers the design of the Exchange organization and quickly gives you a report with critical metrics to answer to these questions:

  • Number of servers, Databases and mailboxes
  • Repartition of servers by role
  • Repartition of mailboxes by Database
  • Mail traffic per server, email domain and network

GSX allows you to conduct full audits, answer questions fast and permit your customer to make good decisions before starting this kind of project.

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During a consolidation or merging process, it is important to have all platforms under control. You have to control the load of the new platform and the migration process.

GSX will send daily reports on mailbox moves or connections between the different platforms.


You can schedule reports to dispatch important information and send out reports every morning to the right people.

report scheduler

With GSX, you control the migration, the process, the usage and the information.