Messaging Migration

Migrating, consolidating and restructuring a messaging environment can involve risks if certain aspects of the environment are not under control.

During a migration, your customers could have a great control on their current platforms but no expertise on the new one. Your goal is to help the customers reduce impacts on their users, while making sure the migration will require as few resources as possible. GSX Solutions can help out during these migration steps, to keep the current and new platforms under control, every step of the way. We provide you with overviews for Microsoft and IBM technologies, all on the same dashboard.

GSX Value Proposition:


1. Coexistence of Messaging Platforms: Migrating an environment requires co-existence. Microsoft and IBM provide tools to reduce impact of this, however, it is not enough. Most of the time, monitoring is spread between two different tools: the old one for IBM Notes and the new one for Microsoft Exchange. This split can result in a lack of efficiency and make it impossible to cross results between the two platforms. Read More

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2. Consolidation and Merging: The goal is to centralize data and reduce costs for IT departments. Are you merging a platform? Is the target platform able to support the load of source servers? Can we consolidate different organizations in one server? Want to know the needs of the source organizations? Read More


3. Stress Test Validation: The stress test is very important. Your customer have to make sure the Exchange architecture is able to support the load correctly and know the limits of adjusting monitoring thresholds. To do this, they will use stress test tools or scripts. However, it is complicated to track the results of these stress tests and analyze the reactions of the architecture correctly during those phases. Read More

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4. Validation of Architecture Sizing: During the design, you tried to forecast the needs of end-users and impacts on the loads in production. It is now time to prove that your architecture and global design in the Exchange organization are both correct. As already said in other service descriptions (see Assessment Services or Infrastructure Optimization for additional details), GSX Solutions is completely agentless, simple to install on site or remotely and collects statistics on server loads, usage in the infrastructure, mail flows, performance, storage and quota management. This all occurs as soon as the environment has been discovered automatically. Read More