The business value of GSX Solutions for Organizations with Microsoft SharePoint

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   A CIO and IT Manager Viewpoint

SharePoint has taken the world by storm — It is the defining collaboration and information management product on the market today. Numerous risks and issues that undermine the effective use of SharePoint for collaboration, however, have matched its rapid ascendency. These include poor integration into the enterprise information management approach, a lack of usage by business users, and team site sprawl, among others.

GSX Solutions’ flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, gives customers insight into what’s happening inside their SharePoint environment. Using the data created in GSX Monitor and Analyzer allows organizations to improve the performance of SharePoint and deliver business value.

This includes:

  • Increasing control through a visual dashboard of the current status of all the SharePoint servers and services in your environment. Underperforming servers are clearly flagged for immediate attention.
  • Reducing cost by targeting specific areas for corrective action, and by highlighting problems that need attention before they stop business people from working.
  • Ensuring performance of the SharePoint SLA, through correlating input factors with the overall SLA. Troublesome areas are highlighted for quick resolution.

Read this white paper to learn how GSX Solutions adds business value for organizations with Microsoft SharePoint.