Whitepaper: Optimize SharePoint performance while slashing costs


How enterprises can manage SharePoint performance using GSX


From years of experience with SharePoint customers, GSX has come to a greater understanding of how it is structured and deployed in various companies.

The proliferation of SharePoint usage raises the dual concern of maintaining adequate service levels while controlling costs. The agentless, user-oriented approach of GSX Monitor & Analyzer, with full SCOM integration, provides a comprehensive and flexible solution to meet these ends.

While SharePoint is a very powerful tool for enabling people to work together with shared data, its oversight presents two challenges:

  • It has to work for users
  • Costs have to be kept under control

GSX Solutions for SharePoint at a glance:

  • GSX Solutions capture the user experience giving you insight into the health and performance of your SharePoint environment from the user perspective.
  • GSX Solutions allow you to automate reporting of the key performance metrics.
  • GSX Solutions provide agentless and out-of-the-box deployment with no code installed on the servers you are monitoring.

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Your SharePoint environment constantly evolves and your team has to face a number of day-to-day challenges.