GSX is the leading provider of solutions that let you effectively and proactively monitor, measure and manage your messaging servers, collaboration platform and/or mobility solution.. 

Whether they are based on :

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Our solutions allow any Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, Distributors to generate continuous revenue while delivering a secure, constant and optimized monitoring and reporting solution for managing Messaging and Collaboration environments.

Key Benefits


During a migration, your customer could have great control on their current platform but zero expertise on the new one. GSX can help during these migration steps to keep the current and new platforms under control, every step of the way.


Audit & Review

There are various types of audits and review services for Exchange. These services can either be very specific,
for example when a customer needs a
lot of troubleshooting, or standardized.



Remote assistance & support

Remote assistance and support: GSX Solutions is an agentless, performance test scanning engine that acts as a user by collecting performance test results as well as critical system information via PowerShell and WMI.

With more than hundreds and hundreds of clients from the small organization up to multi-national enterprise clients over the world and over 6 million mail boxes monitored around the world, GSX has proven over and over again that it is the most reliable and dependable monitoring solution on the market today.