GSX Monitor Benefits


Scenario Testing from the Business User Perspective

  1. Particular actions that a business user carries out regularly through a messaging or collaboration server are translated into various scenario tests, and repeatedly executed to monitor availability and performance. Scenarios include sending an email message to an external person, accessing replicated content, and accessing team sites.
  2. Business users experience a messaging or collaboration server in terms of the capabilities it offers. If these capabilities are working, the user says the system is working. By repeatedly carrying out nominated scenario tests, and capturing and reporting on the resulting data, IT administrators can see the system from the user’s perspective—and thus know where and how improvements need to be made in order to improve service delivery.


Support for Multiple Messaging and Collaboration Servers

  1. Our products integrate multiple messaging and collaboration servers into a holistic monitoring, reporting, and execution framework. Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, Lotus Domino, Quickr and Traveler, and RIM BlackBerry servers can all be monitored and reported on using a single tool.
  2. We believe different messaging and collaboration servers need to work together to create a unified environment for business users to carry out their work effectively and efficiently, and leading to improved business results. Business users experience the environment as a unified whole, not a mismatch of disparate capabilities. GSX Monitor brings this same integrated experience and mindset to the back office.


Visual Summary of Current Server and Service Status

  1. GSX Monitor collects data on the current performance of servers and key services across your collaboration portfolio, and provides a colored graphical display of the current state. Green lights mean is all is well, but when the lights aren’t green, corrective action is needed.
  2. The visual performance indicators give IT administrators a snapshot overview of what’s going on. They can quickly assess where corrective action is needed for particular servers and services, without having to hunt through numerous administrative interfaces. GSX Monitor makes it clear what IT administrators need to do next across your collaboration portfolio, keeping them focused on essential tasks and thereby minimizing costs.