GSX 360 Benefits

Safeguard the Processing of Standard Service Requests

  1. GSX 360 offers a simple way of receiving and executing service requests with minimal IT administrator involvement. Business managers can visit a Web page to request a new user, ask for someone to be added to a security group, or order a new BlackBerry. GSX 360 captures the request, and if no approval is required, will carry out the steps involved in completing the request. If approval is required, it will seek the necessary signoffs automatically.
  2. GSX 360 makes the complex simple. By handling service requests perfectly with minimal IT administrator involvement, administrative costs are minimized, silly human errors from overlooking a step are eliminated, and security is guarded at a systemic level. Service requests are carried out right the first time, and don’t require expensive mitigation nor allow security weaknesses to undermine the integrity of the system.


Expedite the Processing of Standard Service Requests

  1. GSX 360 enables IT administrators to define the standard services available to end users, along with a structured process for executing the request. Once a request has been received, the system performs the necessary actions and alerts the requestor when everything is good to go. If an approval is required, the system sees to that too.
  2. By carrying out standard service requests through an automated process, high quality service is delivered to business users almost faster-than-possible! They don’t have to wait around for an IT administrator to carry out a set of mundane tasks, because GSX 360 executes the process with no human involvement—except when approval is required. GSX guarantees high quality service delivery, the elimination of errors, and improved security, all with minimal human costs.


Gather Intelligence on What’s Really Happening

  1. Having an accurate understanding of your messaging and collaboration environment includes knowing the volume and type of transactions that users are requesting from IT administrators. GSX 360 records the request of these transactions, and maintains a history of past requests.
  2. GSX 360 makes the hidden visible, by providing a clear process for requesting additional users and security group changes, among others. Historical records are useful for auditing past actions, and also for gaining insight into where the demand is coming from—which is extremely useful for knowing what to do more of going forward.