Collaboration systems are increasingly becoming mission-critical, with projects being coordinated from collaborative workspaces, real-time interaction being facilitated through presence-based instant messaging systems and online meeting services providing an effective and efficient fabric for bringing people together without travel.

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Increasingly, it’s not just the messaging system that has to work but the entire messaging and collaboration environment encompassing a plethora of systems. Let’s face it, though: while there are many ways for IT to prove the collaboration environment is up-and-running, it’s ultimately the end-user that passes judgment. They experience the environment directly—every moment of every day. If it’s not working for them, it had better been up again within minutes otherwise communication and collaboration grinds to a rapid halt.

GSX Key Differentiators

Monitoring that’s User Centered. We continually monitor what really matters—the state of messaging and collaboration services as experienced by a business user—instead of IT-centric metrics such as server uptime. We give insight into what’s really going on from the user’s perspective.

Approaching the Portfolio Holistically. GSX monitors all of the servers in your messaging and collaboration portfolio—with support for products from Microsoft, IBM, and Blackberry—rather than being focused on a single product. We create insight into what’s happening in your portfolio, using a holistic approach.

Removing the Complexity of SLAs. By correlating input factors—key performance indicators (KPIs)—with the delivery of your SLA, we remove the complexity. We show you what you need to work on in order to deliver and improve your SLA response.

Simplifying Installation. No monitoring software has to be installed on any messaging and collaboration servers in your portfolio—we have a zero server footprint. Our user-centered monitoring happens from out in the network, where business users work. Our approach eliminates the need for software installation approval for servers, and will have you up and running in minutes.

Making It Work—For Real. Some of the largest organizations in the world rely on GSX for making their messaging and collaboration environments work. We have real-world insight that only comes from working with world-class organizations for many years.