Key features of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for BES

A company without any monitoring system in place learns about server problems the hard way, when employees or customers start complaining. For most companies, communications technology is absolutely vital, and a disruption in service can present a huge financial liability.

If your system requires frequent attention by highly skilled staff, you are at risk. With a monitoring solution, even level-1 helpdesk employees should be able to keep an eye on the system status, only requiring more skilled assistance when a problem is detected.


GSX solutions keeps track of your company's extended server environment, including BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, and other platforms too like Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Domino, SharePoint an others. Information on these servers is presented in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), with color-coded indicators representing the health of each individual component. It can even feed information to your company's other control interfaces like SCOM.

GSX Monitor and Analyzer for BlackBerry
works without installing any code on the monitored servers meaning less potential downtime and less headache for your IT department. Instead of installing code on the server, GSX acts like a user in the system, in fact it acts like a knowledgeable administrator making continuous checks 24/7. It uses probe messages to track message low. It watches tasks and services; confirms that SQL server is working, watches your VIP users and will even check your logs for you.  This end-to-end email tracking and statistical analysis lets GSX track the entire communication chain and quickly locate the source of any potential disruption.

All of the data analyzed by GSX Monitor is available in detailed, customizable reports in the powerful GSX Analyzer executive dashboard. Customizable profiles and alerts mean that the right people are notified of any potential problems, without the need for constant monitoring by IT staff.

Key Features

  • Monitor performance with user simulation metrics
  • Monitor the performance and availability of servers, services and clusters
  • Monitor failover and load balancing availability
  • Detect forwarding problems proactively
  • Monitor mail routing paths and mail delivery times
  • Monitor and manage disk space usage with threshold triggered alerts when disk space usage exceeds a specific percentage or value
  • Create reusable alert profiles with escalation mechanisms
  • Monitor the availability and access times for URLs and applications
  • Monitor ports using simulated user requests
  • Monitor performance for critical users
  • Monitor carrier service availability
  • Test SRP connections
  • View your report anywhere with remote monitoring via the web or on your BlackBerry smartphone.