Stress Test Validation

After any change in an environment, such as a major deployment, a merge with a subsidiary and any optimization or transformation of the environment, companies need to know if there has been any impacts on the environment and if the new one is supporting the load.

For that reason, a stress test is often required.

It’s important to monitor and collect statistics before, during and after any changes. Then you will be able to compare the results and see if any real improvements have occurred or if the performance has declined in the environment.

It’s always better to have a third party company conduct the stress tests to avoid having biased results.

This service is appropriate for any company that just migrated or transformed their IT department.

GSX’s Specific Approach

GSX Monitor & Analyzer enables you to validate any stress test without impacting the server.

It will not create an overload on the server because it acts like a user and collects performance, availability and usage statistics:

  • See what is the load during the stress test (mail flows, number of connections, users, etc.)
  • Know how is it handled by the servers
  • Find out what the performance is from a server and user perspective during the stress test
  • Learn how each of the servers take the load and how it is spread along the infrastructure

Statistics are available in real-time with a consolidated view by day, week and month. You will be able to see how each part of the infrastructure (server roles, disks, system, and network) is reacting.


GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the perfect tool to independently conduct and report on a stress test.

It simulates what a user would do during this test by sending mail, connecting to the mailbox and synchronizing mobile devices to completely fit your needs.