Storage Management

Storage Management is key to optimizing your infrastructure. Since storage can be expensive, services that provide assistance with it are really valuable.

We will first review the status of storage utilization: 

  • See if there could be improved optimization
  • Check if storage problems could occur and impact the general user experience
  • Make recommendations to improve resource allocation
  • Check the historical trends and conduct capacity planning for smart budget planning
  • Make recommendations after checking the quota management

Most of the storage management services will lead to cost optimization and improved budget planning.

But in order to clearly show your customers the figures, trends and capacity analysis, you need to have an easy to deploy, agentless tool that independently collects statistics and displays them in a comprehensible way.

This is exactly what GSX offers. 

GSX’s Specific Approach

This agentless solution automatically discovers any Exchange or SharePoint environment. You will install the product and insert the credentials of the servers, then simply let GSX do the rest.

Automatic Storage Statistics Collection

On the Exchange environment, GSX will automatically discover the entire Organization, server roles, high availability configurations, disks, all of the Databases and the mailboxes.

In a few minutes you will collect and display:

  • Disk space used
  • Disk space free
  • Number of Mailboxes per server and per DAG
  • Average mailbox size per server and per DAG
  • Mailbox sizes, issue warning quotas and prohibited sent and received quotas

GSX also provides feedback on:

  • Number of connections and users per server
  • Mail flows per server with Inbound, Outbound volumes and sizes
  • CAS connections and performance

For a SharePoint environment, GSX gathers information on systems, performance, availability and usage statistics:

  • SharePoint disk space free and used
  • Number, total and average size of site collections
  • Number, total and average size of documents
  • Number and total size of all sites
  • Number of Content Databases

Automatic Historical Trends and Forecasts

Collecting statistics is good, but presenting them is better. And GSX can help you with both.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer displays real-time statistics with figures and graphs. It gathers the statistics by day, week and month.

After running GSX Monitor & Analyzer for one week, and you will start to have good statistics on how the sizing has been done, how the Databases are growing, how disk space is decreasing, how mailbox quotas are set, etc.

GSX Analyzer has simple views for trending, forecasting and storage management checks.

Reports are configured within minutes and can be rearranged (drag and drop, compare multiple statistics) directly on the web interface.

Forecasting is configured in 10 seconds by clicking on the feature and choosing the amount of time you want the forecast to last. Any statistics monitored by GSX are available for forecasting.

The Environmental Health view allows you to compare Disk and Database utilization to clearly locate bottlenecks in the infrastructure.


All of the research and data collection is automatic. What are the customer's benefits? They can have valuable, well-informed recommendations, the ability to display customizable reports and automate manual tasks.

GSX can help them understand the current situation of their environment and give them the ability to know what needs to happen in the future.