Reporting and Analytics

Reporting on Messaging and Collaboration platforms is a headache for most companies. For example, it’s hard to conduct budget planning if you don’t have a solid overview of your environment.

Even companies that use global management tools like System Center struggle to get easy, user-friendly and affordable reporting on their environment.

This is why some GSX Partners focus their services on the reporting solution for these platforms.

Thanks to GSX Monitor & Analyzer, they are able to provide different types of reporting services on daily, weekly and monthly reports for targeted environments with customized access to the Reporting Web interface of GSX Analyzer.

Reporting services can also be designed for targeted services like:

  • Periodic Storage Management reports
  • Periodic Quota Management reports
  • Periodic System Availability and performance reports
  • Periodic System failure and alerting reports
  • Periodic Infrastructure Usage reports

Everything is possible remotely and easily with GSX Monitor & Analyzer.

GSX’s Specific Approach

GSX is an agentless tool that tests the system like a user. It collects statistics and consolidates everything into a user-friendly, reporting web interface.

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The monitoring tool can be installed on the customer’s site as well as on the GSX Analyzer website in your infrastructure if you want to perfectly customize the services you want delivered.

Customizable Access

If you want to offer to your customer the possibility to connect on the reporting platform, you need to know that the access to GSX Analyzer is completely customizable. You can decide which view you would like to share with your customer and which part of the view would be more appropriate based on their needs (this can be done on the global Dashboard).

The end user can access, play and check the statistics, create trends, forecast and use the Environmental view when you give them access to these parts of the tool.

Thus, the service is totally customizable from PDF creation to sending complete access for all of the features in the GSX Analyzer platform.

Report Builder

Only five minutes are required to select the report you want to make, the server or group of servers, the statistics you need and the schedule. Then everything is made automatically. All you have to do is wait for the report to come directly to your mailbox or be exported to a local folder or FTP folder.

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When it comes to Capacity Planning and reporting on usage, performance and capacity are even more critical. The forecasting functionality of GSX Analyzer gives an estimation of future statistic values by extending the linear trend line based on historical data.

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Environmental Health View

GSX Analyzer has an exclusive feature called Environmental Health that allows you to draw out the entire environment based on the statistics you want.

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Thus, you can draw out the environment and compare the servers in terms of:

  • Availability: for example, by Exchange or SharePoint role
  • Performance: see which protocol is performing well, what's used the most, know which mail routing meets and doesn't meet the SLA's, etc.
  • System: know which server consumes the most, RAM, CPU, see which disk is often full despite regular compacting processes, etc.


Delivering Reporting services with GSX Monitor & Analyzer is really straightforward.

No code on servers need to be installed, the service is simple to deliver and very valuable for the final customer.

The outcome can easily result in requests for remote maintenance and support services, recommendations and infrastructure optimization.