Messaging Platform Coexistence

Some large companies have multiple subsidiaries all over the world that use different messaging environments.

Some companies decide to merge everything in one system and others prefer to live with two different messaging systems for reasons like sourcing or because the subsidiaries have their own autonomy.

Both environments must be monitored even if they are completely different. For this type of situation, GSX is the best solution on the market.


GSX’s Specific Approach

GSX enables an administrator to monitor, test, report, diagnose problems and make capacity planning for all environments, at the same time, from the same installation!

You can have the following features all on the same dashboard:

  • Performance of the system and network
  • Performance on specific Domino, Sametime, Traveler, Quickr components
  • Mail routing for Exchange and Domino
  • Replication for Exchange Database and Domino
  • Mailbox reports for both environments, Mail queues, information on mail flows, traffic and usage for both environments
  • Reporting and forecasting on both environments with the same features 

GSX tests both environments as a user, performs end-to-end tests and crosses figures and charts. This allows you to remotely conduct maintenance, management, support and other services (health checks, optimization, etc.) on both environments, without any code to install on the server.


When multiple messaging environments have to coexist, the monitoring is typically spread between two different tools. This results in a lack of efficient results and makes it impossible to cross results between two platforms.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the only solution on the market that enables you to have the same level of monitoring on Microsoft Exchange and the IBM Domino.