Audit and Review

There are various types of audit and review services for Exchange. These services can either be very specific, for example when a customer needs a lot of troubleshooting, or standardized.

GSX Value Proposition:


1. Coexistence of Messaging Platforms: Migrating an environment requires co-existence. Microsoft and IBM provide tools to reduce impact of this, however, it is not enough. Most of the time, monitoring is spread between two different tools: the old one for IBM Notes and the new one for Microsoft Exchange. This split can result in a lack of efficiency and make it impossible to cross results between the two platforms. Read More

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2. Infrastructure Assessment: An Infrastructure Assessment is the first set of services that GSX Monitor & Analyzer can easily deliver to your customer. Exchange customers often need an assessment of their infrastructure prior to any big project. The assessment generally consists of a migration project to a new version of Exchange, a migration to a Hybrid or cloud delivery service, a massive project on Infrastructure optimization, etc. Read More

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3. Storage Management: Storage Management is key to optimizing your infrastructure. Since storage can be expensive, additional services can be really valuable. Most of the storage management services will lead to cost optimization and improved budget planning. GSX is so valuable because it clearly maps out figures, trends and capacity analysis. Read More

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4. Stress Test Validation: The stress test is very important. Companies need to know if their changes impact the environment and if the new ones will support the load. For this, a stress test is often required. Read More

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5. Optimization of the Infrastructure: Messaging and collaboration platforms can become overburdened by their own capabilities. In order to offer highly valuable services, you need to quickly assess the environment, see how it is used, know the performance, view which servers might be underused, etc. Read More

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6. Validation of Architecture Sizing: At the end of any migration or deployment, there is a final stress test that shows how the platform is able to support potential loads. Companies need to know if the architecture that has been designed to really fit the company’s needs. Learn how GSX Monitor & Analyzer helps you with these types of services. Read More

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7. Reporting Services: Reporting services can also be designed for targeted services like periodic storage Management reports, Quota Management reports, System Availability and performance reports, and System failure and alerting reports. See how you can build them all thanks to GSX Analyzer. Read More