Standard Service Request

Administrators are responsible for a variety of repetitive, operational tasks that are critical to the successful operation of the company’s collaborative environment.

Often these tasks are perceived as routine and basic, but even a slight error can have serious consequences for customer satisfaction and productivity.

Many tasks such as creating new users, deleting users, creating a mail-in database, and wiping BES Devices, require the same steps every time, and because these tasks are structured and repetitive. 

User provisioning and management, critical daily tasks that are fundamental to the successful running of your collaboration platforms, often account for a significant percentage of the daily administration workload.

These standard service requests are frequently time critical, requiring a rapid turnover but need manual intervention and process management. Does it make sense to have your highly trained administrators spending a significant amount of their time completing provisioning tasks when they could be focusing on more business critical projects?




HADSL FirM – Award Winning User Provisioning Software

The HADSL FirM administration engine will enable you to delegate user provisioning and management tasks in a secured, structured processing environment either to junior admins, your Service Desk, or even your HR Department without giving them administrator access. HADSL FirM can interface directly to your HR System or SPML compliant user management tools, alternatively it will link to your existing Notes database or user management spreadsheet. You can allow HR to kick off the user creation / termination process and allow the helpdesk to reset passwords safe in the knowledge that FirM will keep things secure.


Key features

  • Synchronise data fields between AD and the Domino Directory as well as automatically creating AD users with appropriate group membership and disabling and deleting them as part of the leavers process
  • Give granular control of users in BES and allows you to deploy BlackBerry handsets as part of the user creation process
  • Disable and remote wipe the device as part of user leaving process.
  • Provide the data for compliance and audit reports (e.g. for SOX, ITIL etc.) that give management the critical information relating to the processing, volume and types of requests fulfilled and, most importantly, who processed the request and who authorized it.


HADSL FirM increases security, improves quality of service delivery and reduces the time to completion for service requests, all of this while reducing costs.

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