IBM Applications

Want a unified set of solutions to manage your entire IBM messaging and collaboration environments for IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM Quickr and IBM Traveler?

Business Challenges

A company without any monitoring and reporting system in place learns about server problems the hard way, when employees or customers start complaining. For most companies, communications technology is absolutely vital, and a disruption in service can present a huge financial liability.
First and foremost, infrastructure costs must be minimized while providing consistent, feature rich services to the user community. Finding a way to get the most out of your people is key. With the right tools the efforts of expensive technical resources can be multiplied several times.
For example, the right monitoring solution can watch the whole environment and allow an administrator to be in many places at the same time.

Understanding the performance of your infrastructure is needed to prioritize resource allocation  for maintenance and continuous improvement. Giving managers that understanding without increased costs can pay huge dividends.


GSX solutions offer your CIO’s a complete suite of products to monitor manage and measure your mobile, collaboration and Messaging Environment.
GSX solutions keeps track of your company's extended server environment including IBM Domino, IBM Traveler, IBM Quickr, IBM Sametime and other platforms too like BES, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint an others.

With zero code to install on your systems, you have a passive monitoring tool that you can build into an aggressive alerting system with advanced reporting capabilities. And it’s all available from a central reporting system with access locally through a Web browser interface, or through notification profiles (SMS or email-based) delivered to a PDA.

Platforms supported

  • Support for IBM Traveler: Traveler is a push email offering which provides quick access to email, calendar, address book, journal etc for IBM Notes mobile users on a multitude of smartphones and other devices.  Mobility is  critical to maintain  end user productivity  and GSX allows you to monitor in real time and collect key traveler metrics to avoid any trouble and downtime.
  • Support for Sametime (including Sametime 8.5): Sametime provides several important collaboration  capabilities across your  Domino environment. This real-time communication is considered a mission critical componenet of the collaboration and messaging environment in many companies. 
GSX takes this into account by integrating key Sametime monitoring capabilities with built-in alerts and reports over any of the Sametime servers that you have configured for monitoring.
  • Support for IBM Quickr: IBM Quickr is a team collaboration solution that can help you access and interact with the people, information and project materials you need. It is another key component of your collaboration environment and GSX helps you to monitor and track key places, services and server availability there too.
  • Support IBM SmartCloud: GSX Manages and reports on all of your communication and collaboration servers whether they are on premises or in the Cloud. GSX can now monitor  the availability of SmartCloud servers regardless of whether the servers managed are on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment.