Migration Assessment

The transition to the Cloud is not one to be taken lightly. There is little question that organizations will be able to save money moving to Cloud deployments, but the planning and processes involved in transitioning from an established infrastructure to a Cloud environment is a major undertaking.

ancre orange   Need Definition 
ancre bleu  Functional Assessment 
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ancre orange Need Definition

  • Migrate all seniors management to Office 365 because of high availability without worrying about downtime.
  • Start monitoring pilots to test and start with the migration.
  • Identify the service level delivered to the end-users as well as the uptime and response time of Office 365 compared to your on-site Exchange servers.
  • Migrate only important public folders to SharePoint Online.
  • SCOM does not support reporting comparing the end-user experience for a Hybrid setup.
  • SCOM does not export lists of public folders on your Exchange On-premises environment.
  • PowerShell cannot be used for Office 365 to check the service level for users.

ancre bleu Functional Assessment

     instal fleche2



describe the image Guidance to perform prerequisites
check vert Make sure all prerequisites are performed correctly and that the station is ready to install GSX’s set of products
check vertInstallation of GSX Monitor & Analyzer and any additional requested tools (Remote UI, MoniPing, WebEnabler)
check vertVerification of connection between GSX Monitor and GSX Analyzer products

         instal fleche2



check vertSetup of servers / Cloud organization
check vertConfigure Main View / Overview
check vertConfigure additional configuration (mail routing, scenarios, thresholds, reports, etc.)

          health fleche2

Health and Performance Assessment for On-premises and Cloud Environments


check vertService uptime
check vertUser connections
check vertStorage requirements and usage
check vertMailbox sizes, quotas and usage
check vert List of unused mailboxes, devices and public folders to ease migration
check vert User experience for opening mailboxes and other actions
check vert Measure Mail Routing  performance
check vert Multi-location performance check

          tuning fleche2



check vert Collect and measure current configuration and alerting system
check vert Adjust alerting thresholds
check vertFine-tune the monitoring dashboard
check vert Fine-tune reporting




ancre violet Customer benefits

This package not only helps you build all the Office 365 automatic migration reports but also helps create user based scenarios on GSX Monitor and performs all tests synthetically to identify bottlenecks and measure the real user experience.

  • Easy reporting on synthetic tests of your Exchange On-premises and Office 365 to verify the performance of your environment across different locations.
  • Reporting on all mail routing scenarios and custom scenarios for Exchange On-premise and Office 365 to your management for a wise decision of moving to Cloud.
  • Quickly compare and report a mailbox user’s performance in your Europe datacenter, Asia datacenter and Office 365.
  • Comparison on scenarios for e.g.: opening a mailbox, creating a meeting for a user mailbox in Asia and a user mailbox in Europe.
  • Reporting on latency to Office 365 URL from your WAN link in different offices using GSX Monitor stations spread across.
  • Reporting on latency of other third party DNS URL, to check and compare the latency with Office 365 from your datacenter in Europe and Asia.
  • Reporting on average size of mailboxes, on per database so that you can forecast the sizing for your Office 365 and decide on the pricing.
  • Reporting on all public folders in order to quickly export them to a CSV document and identify which ones you want to migrate to Office 365