Services Offering

GSX Solutions helps customers plan, audit, implement, and manage deployment of messaging and collaboration applications to their optimal advantage. We do this with a series of value-added service packages intended to maximize your performance, availability, migration, capacity planning needs and more. We can tailor these packages to suit deployments of all shapes and sizes.


Kick Start Install

Turn-key service package
designed for a fast and efficient implementation of
GSX Monitor & Analyzer

1 3Dv



Fast Track optimization
Apply GSX Monitor & Analyzer
best-practices to prove quantifiable
ROI when implementing a monitoring solution in line with your IT needs

3 5D 




Predictive Smart Baselining 

Define KPIs and determine which
reports would be most relevant to
your business to optimize the TCO
of your infrastructure

 3 7D 

Migration Assessment

Create user scenarios in GSX Monitor
& Analyzer to do a migration audit, before, during and after deployment,
to evaluate user experience

2 4D 



Health Check
In-depth analysis of your messaging infrastructure performance, set up standards and test the efficiency of
your messaging systems
1 3D



On-demand services
Build up your own tailored offering by combining services modules to suit your specific requirements

Because we know that for each technical architecture, deployment is unique with its own set of challenges, working/relying on GSX experts helps lower the costs and risks of your project whether it is On-premises, full Cloud or in Hybrid environment. We welcome the opportunity to guide you and understand everything involved in selecting, deploying, configuring, and quickly extracting the maximum value from a monitoring and reporting solution. Whether you need to extend or tailor the GSX capabilities to match your specific needs, our technical advisors put their expertise at your disposal to help you implement your IT monitoring project remotely or on-site.

We understand that ensuring your collaboration platforms are working at best from an end-user perspective is a critical KPI. Therefore implementing the right monitoring solution should save your IT department’s time and give them accurate solution to be more productive while receiving guidance on best practices of GSX Monitor & Analyzer - the best software products available on the market.

* all durations above are typical estimates and may vary depending on the size of your project.