You have likely heard that Microsoft will eventually replace Skype for Business Online with Microsoft Teams for users in Office 365. That brings up a lot of questions for your organization, with one of the most important being:

How will Teams compare to Skype on time sensitive tasks such as voice?

Join GSX for the return of our Technical Webinar Series and witness the ultimate cage match between Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams.

We performed a head to head analysis of S4B and Teams in a properly configured case scenario. Don’t worry, that’s only so we have a baseline. Once we do, then the real fun begins!

What happens when we block UDP, inject packet loss, add a layer 7 UTM firewall with active scanning of the real-time voice traffic? How about our infamous mildly disturbed router with short randomized outages? How will these two enterprise communications tools survive the ultimate test – GSX Style?

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