Podcast Webinar

The Challenge of Ensuring
Exchange Service Quality in a Hybrid Environment

Webinar hosted by Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia

Organizations running a hybrid implementation of Microsoft Exchange have to contend with a complex mix of cloud and on-prem services, servers, routing, and clients. Even so, IT is expected to deliver a consistent experience that ensures users productivity, regardless of the underlying environment intricacies.

And when any one part of this delicate machine fails, IT is left without the needed visibility- Who is affected, what is the impact on operations, and what is the root cause, and often doesn’t realize this visibility gap until it’s too late.

So, how exactly does a hybrid Exchange environment impact service quality, productivity, and ROI?

In this educational podcast, join Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, as he discusses:

• What are the components to be mindful of in a hybrid Exchange environment?
• What happens to user productivity should any one of them fail?
• Why visibility is key in delivering service quality and ROI ?

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