Discover how Cloud Service Delivery Transforms your IT Service Management

Office 365, the world’s leading SaaS solution, has profoundly changed the nature of IT Service Management (ITSM). Now that (most of) the servers are the responsibility of Microsoft, many customers are wondering how to transform their ITSM to fit their cloud delivery.

Modern ITSM as described by Microsoft should represent how IT manages, operates and transitions technology, designs services and manages risk within the organization.

But how to monitor your workload in the cloud, manage an incident or optimize your service desk when you don’t have visibility to your end-user experience?

Microsoft provides Service Level Agreement for Office 365, the famous 99.99%. But it is necessarily limited to specific services and to the edge of their datacenters. Hence, what really matters is everything that is happening between your users and the cloud services.

Interested in modern Office 365 service management? 

? In this podcast, we explain how the cloud impacts your ITSM practice, what exactly are the Microsoft SLA’s and which best practices they recommend when it comes to SaaS delivery.

? In this 30-minute session, our experts shared how our large customer base has dealt with this challenge, implementing end-to-end service level agreements that put the end-user at the center of their ITSM practice.

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