GSX Solutions Extends End-User Experience Monitoring to Office 365 Teams

Get visibility on your users’ experience to understand Teams voice performance issues

— BOSTON, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

GSX Solutions, the leading provider of Office 365 monitoring and management solutions, today announced new Microsoft Teams monitoring capabilities.

GSX Gizmo is the only solution that enables fast troubleshooting through a complete understanding of the service delivery across Hybrid Office 365 deployments.

With GSX Gizmo, you can install Robot Users in any remote location where you need to constantly measure the exact end-user experience. Robot Users use Teams voice service exactly as a user would do, calling Office 365, collecting voice quality data as well as every network statistic. As a result, GSX provides you with comprehensive data to understand performance issues and enable fast Office 365 troubleshooting.

With this continuous, proactive monitoring by GSX you’ll be able to:

  • Instantly analyze access to every Teams voice services performance and hybrid identities health statistics in any BI tool (PowerBI, GSX Analytics, Graphana, etc);
  • Get Microsoft Teams voice top level business and end-user experience dashboards at the location level;
  • Breach IT silos across IT departments with Teams voice service incident triage dashboards;
  • Easily share your Teams voice service delivery and services analysis dashboards with your Business lines, IT departments and Microsoft.

GSX Solutions provides the only Office 365 user experience monitoring tool that truly measures the quality of the service delivered to all enterprises’ sites, enabling their IT to take power of the Office 365 performance.

Get started today with Office 365 monitoring and see how you can keep your employees on the path to optimal productivity.

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