GSX Launches New Office 365 End-User Experience Analysis at Microsoft Ignite

— ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

GSX Solutions, the leading provider of monitoring and management solutions for Office 365 messaging, collaboration, and mobility services, today announced its new Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Analysis for Office 365 and cloud/hybrid environments. GSX’s Office 365 End-User experience reporting provides data analysis and deep, powerful insights.  Enterprises can now drastically minimize end-user performance complaints and support tickets, as well as reduce the time for response and resolution.

GSX’s DEM reporting service consists of Robot Users in enterprise-critical locations to capture and analyze the real performance of services delivered to end users. The Robot Users mimic end-user actions on Office 365 services like creating meetings, sending emails, looking up free / busy times, downloading or uploading documents on SharePoint or OneDrive, and even using instant messaging on Skype for Business. GSX then deploys several Business Analytic dashboards that transform the data into actionable items. IT operations can then improve end-user satisfaction while decreasing their total cost of ownership (TCO) of Office 365.
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GSX DEM reporting fills the void between huge legacy tools for enterprise monitoring like Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operation Manager), HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, and Solarwind. These solely focus on on-premises equipment, while small SaaS monitoring tools only check the availability of the connection to Office 365 services.

“The GSX Robot Users can test the cloud end-user experience as well as on-premises equipment that may impact the service, giving a 360-degree view of the network between the user and Office 365,” commented Jean-Francois Piot, VP of Product at GSX Solutions. “Other monitoring and reporting tools in the IT market are inherently flawed. They miss the point that every company will ultimately end up with a hybrid infrastructure to support cloud services.”

Most recent success stories with early adopters of the GSX DEM Reporting services show tremendous improvements in understanding the reality and severity of Office 365 user complaints, resulting in decreased mean time to prevent and resolve up to 60 percent of performance support tickets. Thanks to services like Office 365 End-User Experience Discovery Assessment, enterprises moving to Office 365 can prepare their hybrid infrastructure to deliver optimal service quality while justifying the expense to IT management.

GSX Solutions provides the only Office 365 user experience monitoring tool that truly measures the quality of the service delivered to all enterprises’ sites, enabling their IT to take power of the Office 365 performance.

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