Case Study Exchange SharePoint

Route to the Cloud optimization

  Chemical industry     120,000 users
icon-desktop  Microsoft Exchange & SharePoint Online 

Many organizations are using proxies to secure all HTTP traffic including Office 365. As recommended by Microsoft, it is better to avoid these configurations.
However, it is difficult to measure how proxies really affect your end-user experience.

This customer contacted GSX because half of their sites were experiencing poor performance on SharePoint and even Exchange Online while downloading documents. Business lines were not satisfied and were blaming IT who was then blaming Microsoft.
Without GSX Gizmo, it was impossible for them to really understand how their infrastructure and route to the cloud were really affecting the end-user experience.

  • After deploying GSX Gizmo:
    • IT could now measure, site by site, the difference in performance between using a proxy versus being directly connected to Office 365. They were able to decide, with accurate data, to keep the proxy or to find a better solution.
    • They tested every part of their route to the cloud to optimize it thanks to facts rather than perception.
    • The customer decided to update their proxy configuration to bypass proxies for all the Office 365 traffic, improving their end-user satisfaction.

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