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Microsoft Teams workload deployment

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Deploying Microsoft Teams is one of the most effective ways to improve employees’ productivity. But it is an initiative that needs preparation and tight control over the end-user experience.

The migration started without GSX Gizmo and quickly had to stop because some sites in Europe & APAC were experiencing very bad voice quality during calls. It took this company 6 months, a lot of stress and additional expense, to understand the issues and restart the deployment.

  • After deploying GSX Gizmo, the IT department was able to:
    • Understand the issues (where, how severe, how often) without having to rely on users’ emotions.
    • Execute actions to improve the performance of the service.
    • Proactively measure the standard voice quality to limit risks.
    • Make sure that during the deployment, adding Teams users to their sites was not degrading the user experience.
    • Prevent performance issues and were ready to face any unexpected challenges.

As a result, the deployment, budget and success of their initiative was brought under control.

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