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Detecting free/busy lookup issues in hybrid deployments

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Hybrid Exchange environment has some users on-premises, generally for legal purposes, and some in the cloud. This configuration is common for audit and legal organizations. Some even co-exist with legacy messaging platforms.

End-users can often suffer from unavailable free/busy statuses or simply inaccurate statuses retrieved when querying users from another system (e.g. Cloud users looking up on-premises users).

Free/ busy packets are the same size on the network and each system will look good in its own ecosystem. Only monitoring the integration of those systems through synthetic transactions can provide clear visibility on this service.

  • After deploying GSX Gizmo:
    • Our solution performs Free/Busy lookups using the same protocol as the Outlook fat client application to effectively monitor what users are experiencing.
    • The customer was alerted, in real-time, of performance issues and fixed them before it impacted their business.

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