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The Next Chapter In Our Story

To you, our valued customer and partner,

Since the founding of our company in 1996, GSX has sought to grow its business and develop its products to best respond to the needs of you, our customer. We have taken great pride in your continued support and, in return, we have felt a strong responsibility to ensure the long-term stability of our products and company. To this end we have been looking for a partner with a complementary business, a leadership role in its market and the solid financial resources needed to support us in achieving this goal.

It is therefore with great satisfaction that we announce we have found this partner; we have reached an agreement for the acquisition of GSX by Martello Technologies. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Martello is a company specialized in network and IT performance management with commercial activities around the world. Martello’s objective is to extend its existing services by adding synthetic transaction capabilities, starting with Office 365. Together, we become a leading Digital Experience Management technology provider.

You can find further information about Martello on its website and in the press release announcing the acquisition.

Now acting as part of the Martello family, our entire staff remains committed to offering you the same high level of support you have come to expect over the years. Please rest assured that you will see no changes to our current service procedures – your contacts at GSX, our offices, our products and our prices  remain unchanged.

GSX Gizmo will be further developed so that you can expect regular feature-rich releases; we have gained new resources and capabilities to continue delivering value to you.

We believe that this acquisition is a great step forward for the future of our company because we are joining forces with a company as passionate about digital experience as we are. This takes us into the next chapter in our storybook and enables us to ever better respond to your needs.

Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation will take us and you from here. If you’d like to give me your feedback or discuss this further, please feel free to email me on aleboyer[at]

Antoine Leboyer
CEO, GSX Solutions