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ITIL Lesson learned – You can not control what you can not measure

I completed my final ITIL exam today, and one of the questions was about verifying the cost of specific IT services to the business, and it reminded me of these statements:

  • You cannot Manage what you cannot control
  • You cannot control what you cannot measure
  • You cannot measure what you cannot define

It makes perfect sense, ITIL is about services, understanding the services that your IT infrastructure delivers to the business and managing accordingly. These statements, for me, form the basis for many many different aspects of ITIL. But most especially cost.

If you cannot measure, you cannot control cost. 

In your collaboration environment, have you defined the specific services that you deliver to the business? Are you capable of measuring the quality of the services that you deliver to the business? (Running joke in GSX is that I manage to sneak in the statement, quantifiable metrics on quality of service delivery in every meeting), have you measurement metrics in place to justify and control the cost of delivering collaborative services to your organization ?

We in GSX are constantly surprised by the volume of customers that do not harness the power that GSX Analyzer delivers to get even further value from GSX Monitor. GSX Monitor focuses on the availability and performance of your collaboration environment, in doing so it collects hundreds of statistics critical to measuring the services that you deliver to the business. GSX Analyzer makes it incredibly simple to mine this information and easily deliver reports (with 100’s of pre defined templates). Reports that can assist you in identifying and understanding operational costs, Reports that can validate the quality of service that you deliver to the business, reports to manage, control and measure.

Quantifiable metrics of quality of Service delivery ;-))

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