Horizon 2020: another year of transitions

January has started very fast, at least for us but the month is not over. This allows me to formally wish you the best for this new year and spend a few minutes to reflect on 2019.

Every year, I discuss with my team and tell them this is a year of transition. What has become a standard joke is a clear reality for you and us. The collaboration space used to be one where changes would exist, but larger projects are carefully prepared, controlled and managed.

We now live in a cloud world and this is no longer the case: changes happen every day and every second. They may be smaller but the sheer size of them is the new reality that IT Teams must adapt to. Similarly, they are no longer part of a crafted roadmap, they come when they come, just as the updates of our applications on our phones.

So, you and we live in constant years of transition.

The lessons on how to navigate in this new world are still being written.

One element which is starting to be clear is the importance of what we call Synthetic Transaction which is the capability to automatically simulate detailed transactions exactly as the user would experience them.

Why is this important? The answer is simple: if you use to run your collaboration servers on Premises, you have a lot of indicators to check. If you now run everything on the cloud, the only remaining indicator is the end-user experience.

We had this year significant growth with many new companies working with us for the first time but also our highest number of renewals: our tools are used and are important and seen as such.

That is what Gartner calls Digital Experience Monitoring which is the fastest growing new segment of Application Monitoring Technologies.

Speaking of Gartner, they completed many studies and analysis on Synthetic Transactions and on Office 365. We are proud to have been quoted and referenced 9 times.

Make no mistake, for a company the size of GSX, this is a significant number and a source of pride for all of us. This shows what GSX does is relevant and new.

Another source of pride is our partnership with Microsoft. GSX is a Gold partner and a Co-Sell partner. The Microsoft FastTrack Organisation used our tools to better understand the end-user experience across multiple locations and suggest recommendations to make the most of their tools, which is exactly what monitoring should be about: improve end-user satisfaction and derive greater returns from your most important application.

The end of January is approaching fast so while we are happy about 2019, we need to always move forward and create new things. Many will be clear and visible in the months to come. As an example, we are working on offering our technologies on a hosted/SaaS basis. We are also recognising that the unique data that we retrieve from our Robot-Users must be aligned with data from adjacent technologies like SD-Wan and we are exploring what AI could help identify better root-cause analysis of our data … We are also very much aware that our approach is generic, it is currently being deployed across Office 365 as this is the largest SaaS, but many other important mission-critical SaaS should also be monitored as such …

We need to do all of this because this is, for you and for us, another year of transition.

Let's get started.